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Other Research Products

We offer nearly 300 other research products. For example, we have alternatives to ELISA assays such
as colorimetric and fluorescent assays. We also have kits for cell cultures or cryopreservation. Many of
these test kits can be used on a wide variety of test samples, both human and animal.

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Download the
Trace Metal Assay FlyerPDF :

Trace Metal Assay Flyer

Download the
LPO-CC (Lipid Peroxides) Kit FlyerPDF :

LPO-CC Assay Flyer

Download the
Vitamin C Assay FlyerPDF :

Vitamin C Assay Flyer

Download the
Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation FlyerPDF :

Mouse Embryo Cryopreservation Flyer

Download our
Cell Culture CatalogPDF :

Cell Culture Catalog